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Obama Proposes Dramatic Fuel Efficiency Increases for New Cars by 2025

Obama Car Emission

Last week the Obama administration released information about the proposal for increased auto emission standards.  The proposal includes a 56.2 mpg minimum for all new cars by 2025. American car manufacturers would have to meet this number as a company-wide average.  With the demand for electric cars already on the rise, this move would give electric vehicles the boost needed to become more mainstream.

The news was met with mixed reactions.  Off the bat, 14 Republicans and 1 Democrat came out against the proposal, saying it would hurt jobs and the economy by making new cars more expensive. They sited a figure coming out of Detroit that the rule would increase the cost of a new car by around $10,000.  But independent analyses concludes that the proposed rule would increase the cost by a little over $2,000, but would SAVE around $7,000 in gas during the car's lifespan.

Parting ways with other automakers, GM has said they will work to "find a way" to meet these ambitous standards.  GM recognizes the importance of fuel economy and sustainable practice in the future of the company. Over 300 influential businesses released a joint petition stating "efficiency is the single biggest step the U.S. can take to revitalize our economy," placing increased pressure on the rest of the US automakers.

The petition goes on to say that " the standard will cut America's oil dependence by at least 44 billion gallons of fuel and prevent at least 465 million metric tons of heat trapping carbon pollution in the year 2030."