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Ode to bumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diapers

I just wanted to write a post proclaiming my adoration for bumGenius 3.0 cloth diapers.  They're not only the best cloth diapers I've tried so far, they're the best diapers period.  They simply don't leak!  The best part of them is that they are adjustable and fit babies of all shapes and sizes, from younger babies to toddlers up to 32 pounds!   

isaac in bumgenius diapers.  

That's my Isaac showing off his bumGenius.  

They fit very snuggly, unlike some other brands of cloth diapers that use snaps instead of velcro, making it harder to get a perfect fit.  

They aren't cheap (they run for about 17 bucks each) but when you think about the fact that they will last you YEARS, you actually save money in the long run.  There's the old argument that cloth diapers are just as bad for the environment as disposables, which I don't believe for a minute.   The change in our water bill is hardly noticeable.  And if you pair them with homemade baby wipes, you really do save money!  

Washing them isn't too big of a deal for us, because when we've had to use disposables, they leak so badly that pee and poop inevitably ends up on Isaac's clothes anyway.  I think it's more inconvenient to have to run out and buy a new pack of diapers than to do a quick wash of the cloth ones.

One downside of the bumGenius diapers is that they are very bulky and sometimes we need to go up a size in onesies and pants to accommodate.  But it's really not a big deal.

I'd love to hear other opinions on other cloth diapers -- especially if they are one-size.