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Online Payments: Just One More Way to Save Paper

Businesses, as well as individuals, are continually making more of an effort to follow environmentally friendly practices. Recycling paper was one of the first green practices to be commonly used in homes and businesses. Eventually, this practice led to businesses going paperless in an effort to reduce paper use and save trees.

Whether an individual runs a one-person operation or heads a large corporation, choosing to go paperless is an excellent way to give back to the world by conserving a valuable resource. Online payment options offer business owners an additional way to save paper, while also making transactions easier and more convenient for the consumer.

Online payments and other green practices benefit businesses and their customers.

Benefits of Online Payments

  • Contribute Toward Paper Use Reduction.

    As recently as 2007, 84 million tons of solid municipal waste in the United States came from paper. It's hard to fathom this amount of paper, or the trees it all came from, lying in a landfill somewhere. But that's exactly what happens. While we haven't yet reached zero waste from paper (which doesn't include paper that's recycled), every business that chooses online payment options helps get us closer to that goal.


  • Reduce the Need for Car/Gas Use.

    When local customers have the option of paying online, the benefits of going paperless also extend to conserving gas and reducing air pollution. Instead of the businessperson or customer driving to the other to complete the transaction, everything can be accomplished without either party leaving their current location.


  • Create a Green Win-Win Situation.

    Businesses with online payment options -- such as Intuit, PayPal, or other services that offer mobile payments or website shopping carts -- should promote their green practices to consumers. Environmentally conscious consumers often seek to do business with companies that make the same effort to conserve natural resources.


  • Increase Customer Convenience and Satisfaction.

    Online payment systems are so much easier to use these days that there's really no reason for a business not to have this option. Customers that have this choice are likely to be attracted by the convenience and the rapid payment process. Anything that increases service and adds to the positive experience will also help boost customer satisfaction.


  • Make Credit Card Transactions Easier.

    Businesses that find themselves processing credit cards on an increasing basis will also benefit from offering online payment options. In addition to saving paper, they can save time and reduce expenses associated with creating and printing invoices, sending statements or bills to customers, and processing checks.

Customers appreciate the convenience of paying online, as well as the environmental benefits of doing so.

Green Business Is Good Business

Forward-thinking consumers are likely to be attracted to a business that incorporates eco-conscious practices into its business. Transitioning to online payments helps save paper and positively impacts the environment, and as an added benefit, it will also attract like-minded consumers.

Green business is good business for everyone impacted by the way the company operates. While many business owners appear to focus solely on themselves and the customer, instilling paper-saving practices and other environmentally friendly procedures shows that the business owner also respects the environment in which we live.

Mary Ylisela is a veteran writer and eco-conscious individual who's written about business and green living for years. She's used online payments and other green practices in her business, and encourages clients to do the same.