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Oregon Green MBA Programs

Oregon MBA

The beautiful Northwestern state of Oregon is a known leader in Sustainability. Portland has been named one of the greenest cities in the world, with an aggressive CO2 emission reduction plan, groundbreaking green building initiatives, and a top-notch public transportation system. It is fitting that multiple Green and Sustainable MBA programs have popped up throughout the state, as businesses aim to expand.

Marylhurst University, located in Marylhurts, Oregon, offers several specialities/concentrations for their MBA in Sustainable Business; Energy Policy and Administration; Green Development; Natural and Organic Resources; and Renewable Energy. At the program's core is the “Triple Bottom Line” - the idea that you can be financially successful while promoting social justice and environmental sustainability. The Policy and Administration concentration delivers a deep understanding of environmental law and policy and how these policies impact businesses and economies. The Green Development concentration provides students with the knowledge to develop green communities with social responsibility. The Natural and Organic Resources program examines green farm and ranching practices.

The MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Sustainability at Portland State University has strong ties to the Portland area community. This program is grounded in the philosophy that Leadership, Innovation and Sustainability are the key to successful business in our modern world. PSU offers maximum flexibility. You can go full-time, part-time, or complete your degree online. You can personalize your program based on your areas of interest and will gain real-world experience through hands-on group projects.

The University of Oregon Lundquist School of Business also has an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Business Practices. This program begins with a strong core understanding of traditional business principles and a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and reflection. Candidates can specialize their program further into one of several domains: Sustainable supply chain and operations management; Organizational change for social and environmental stewardship; Performance measurement and governance; and Measurement and analysis for the life cycle.