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Organizations Promote Sustainable Degree Programs

Sustainable degreesAre you an environmentally-conscious individual looking to translate that passion for the planet into a fulfilling career? Do you long to extend your green efforts further than just your backyard? Then you might consider obtaining a sustainable degree. 

Steadily growing in popularity the last few years, this is a field that’s in demand NOW and shows no signs of slowing. Recognizing the rising interest in the subject of green work and sustainability, numerous colleges and universities are now offering degree plans and certificates in this area. 

If you’ve decided this is the direction you’d like to take, there are more than a few options from which you can choose. In fact, some prospective students find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices they have. Luckily, for them, two organizations have taken it upon themselves to provide a full, informative list of the academic programs available in this area of study. 

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education 

First up is the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. On its website, interested students can find a detailed, informative list that outlines a number of educational programs and plans to meet their needs. Whether they’re looking to pursue a masters degree, PhD, or just gain a certification, they can easily find what they’re looking for here. 

The site even takes it a step further and organizes options by focus area or discipline. So, if you’re a prospective student looking to learn more about sustainability in education, they’ll have a link for you. If you want to learn more about classes that explore how the world of engineering is taking steps to go green, you’ll find that too, there. 

University Leaders for a Sustainable Future 

The other organization that helps interested individuals learn more about sustainable degrees is the University Leaders for a Sustainable Future group. Featuring several notable undergrad and graduate programs, visitors to their site should be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information available to them. Plus, it is continually updated, so people don’t need to worry about missing out on any new developments that might come about. 

They also encourage people to send information on any program they notice is missing or omitted from the list and, once they ensure it meets their requirements, they will add it. 

So, if you are confident in your decision to pursue a life of sustainability not only personally but professionally, then give these organizations a go. They selflessly provide a great service to everyone interested by compiling these lists. They will undoubtedly save you time and possibly money, so before you enroll anywhere, do you homework and see what’s out there.


 Nancy Wood is a freelance blogger for She loves writing about education, health, and college life and works to provide helpful information on the best colleges for all students. She welcomes comments and questions below!