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Packing List for the Eco Tourist

It’s summer!  Which means lots of us are making plans for summer travel.  This is a perfect moment to think about packing lists and ecotravel. How can you make your summer travelmore green?  Check out 7 Packing List Items for the Ecotourist:

  1. Reusable waterbottle | Bring your bottle for water - my new favorite is the Bobble because it has its own filter inside the bottle, no matter where I am I can know my water will get an extra boost of filtration since I have my own with me!
  2. BYOT - Bring your own Toiletries! | The free ones that they leave for you in the hotel use a lot of plastic and get thrown out after one use.  The mini bars of soap are never used up completely and just thrown in the trash. Cut down on waste by bringing your own mini bottles filled with shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash from home. Keep the bottles and refill them over and over again!
  3. Reusable bags or Tupperware | Always good to have these on hand! Avoid taking leftovers home in styrofoam, or save money and waste by packing your own snacks in these.  
  4. Lightweight longsleeve shirt and a hat for sun protection |  On days you'll be in the water try to avoid sunscreen all together. If you go in the water full of lotions they can harm the sealife.  Keep yourself protected from the sun the old fashioned way, the fish will thank you!
  5. Garlic pills | This is a great way to fend off mosquitoes without dousing yourself with toxic chemicals.  B1 Vitamins are also known to help.  There are lots of natural ways to combat these pesky pests!
  6. Sarong | A very useful travel accessory that can be used as a blanket or a pillow, a towel, a makeshit changing station or a fashion accessory (scarf, purse, skirt or top).  On the greener side of things it can be used to block the sun, keep the heat out and reduce your need to use sunblock. If paper towels are the only thing availble, you can use it as a hand towel, the sarong will quickly dry in the heat of the sun. 
  7. Bring your own headphones | Avoid using disposible headphones - and bring your own.  Gladly decline the ones they offer you on the plane and that will soon be in the landfill!

Looking for even more ways to green your summer travel?  I also found this flyer to have some great tips.