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Paper made of...poop?

Yes, you read my headline right!   This was just way too cool not to share.

Sheep Poo Paper makes paper out of fresh sheep poop in Wales.  Don't worry, they sterilize it!  (at 120 degrees centigrade)

Sheep Poo Paper

At their website, you can buy paper, greeting cards, and even AIR FRESHENERS!  The air fresheners are called POO-POURRI!   Don't you just love it?!

Sheep Poo Paper is keen AND green not only because they avoid using trees to make paper, but they also encourage fair trade, energy-saving activities, and more.

The folks over at Sheep Poo Paper also made a boat out of their sheep poop (dubbed "The Poo Canoe"), and it's about to head across the English Channel.  Wow!