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Plants that Repel Mosquitoes & Pesky Bugs

Basil repels mosquitoes

Anyone who lives somewhere with hot, muggy summers knows how mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise lovely hot summer evening.  How many times have you been sitting in the backyard swatting and scratching because of those pesky skeeters?

There are many ways to repel mosquitoes without having to even use bug spray!  

My favorite?  Basil. I love basil anyway, so finding out it keeps mosquitoes away made me enthusiastic to plant some.  So, plant some basil, repel some mosquitoes, and then make some pesto.  Yum!

Another choice is catnip.  Just beware, your backyard might become the hang out for all the neighborhood kitties.  But the good thing about catnip is that you can give it to your cat or you can make tea out of it for yourself.

Another tasty one is rosemary.   Mmm...rosemary!!  Rosemary is a tropical plant, so keep it potted and store it in your kitchen in the winter.

And lastly, marigolds.   Marigolds are great little flowers.  They keep all sorts of pests away.  They'll keep bugs out of your veggie garden, too.  I planted them all over my garden this year!

Still getting eaten alive by bugs such as mosquitoes, gnats or flys and are wary of the DEET?  Read the Mother Earth News recipe for homemade mosquito repellent.

Please feel free to add any other non-toxic tips for keeping those pests far, far away from your skin!




Yes mosquitoes is a major

Yes mosquitoes is a major headache in the hot summers and worst they spread diseases, I guess basil is a good option haven't used it upto now and never knew you can make tea with catnip :S thanks for the interesting mosquito tips..hehe.


Don't use DEET made mosquito repellent spray!

After understand the meaning of DEET, I dare not use mosquito spray which made of DEET, I prefer to choose something is natural so I choose Moz Away!

Smells Nice!

Something that smells nice AND keeps the mosquitos away? Nice.

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