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Play Green Stay Healthy: Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

As parents, we spend a lot of time trying to keep them safe.   Who could have imagined that harmless toys would have ever presented a threat to the health and well being of our children?   The North American scare over lead paint and imported children's toys and the new awareness about standards of production (or the lack thereof in foreign countries) was enough to start a revolution.  Demand is consistently growing for ecologically friendly toys for our kids, which is definitely a move in the right direction for our health and that of the environment.    

Where to Shop

Finding eco-friendly kids toys can be a little challenging, depending on where you live.   Fortunately popular online merchants have started to provide these products and make them accessible no matter where you live.  That is good news for green shoppers.   Finding products that are more environmentally responsible can (and should) be made easy.

Amazon has a wide collection of eco-friendly toys including wooden toys, puzzles and games and bamboo options.   For the pre-schooler there are educational toys made from Rubber wood to work on toddler hand-eye dexterity and logic puzzles.   There is also a collection of plush items.   Amazon distributes for Plan Toys, Sprig, Under the Nile, Planet Pixies and many more popular green brands.

Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for an organic gift for an infant or child?   The miYim Musical Pull Toy retails for $12.87 and is made from 95% Cotton and 5% recycled polyester.  Other ideas for new parents are organic crib mattresses, bedding and mattress protectors that give children a healthy start in life.  When you consider how much time an infant spends in a crib, the importance of choosing an organic mattress and bedding is clear.

As toddlers develop, the toys needed to teach them basic skills become a little more complicated.   Fortunately there are a variety of wood and other natural and recycled materials to choose from as manufacturers respond to the increased demand for eco-friendly toys.  

Looking for an alternative to the plastic doll house?  Check out some organic options such as Once Upon A Tree House.  The ecologically sound company produces wood doll houses and furnishings, including hand crafted dollars with organic wood, cotton and wool accessories.  

What To Look For

As you are shopping for your eco-friendly toys, make yourself aware of the standards and certifications that these products should offer.   Truly environmentally friendly toy producers will provide data showing that they meet the ASTM and CPSIA standards.  

Toys produced for wood and sold in North America should meet the California Air Resources Board's AirToxic Control Measure (ATCM) for emissions free composite wood products.  Also look for wood products that have been produced from sustainable lumber practices or other natural fibers such as bamboo. 

Remember that every day is Earth Day.  Protect the health and well being of your children by making eco-friendly choices when it comes to their food, clothing and toys.   Not only will you help protect the environment, you will be instilling the value of sustainability in the next generation.  

About Author:

Stefanie Gomez is associated with Essentia. She is Self proclaimed internet addict and shopaholic. She is Eco lover who write about healthy living options. Stefanie also contributes on Essentia blog as well as many other platforms.