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The positive side to lowering your carbon footprint

Thinking about the wider environment – it’s something that all businesses should be doing more often. Whether it’s by trying to cut back on the amount of energy they use or by exploring alternative means of generating energy that reduces reliance on the national grid, it pays to be green in more ways than one. As well as showing customers that your company cares, you’re also in line to make savings, but how can lowering your company’s carbon footprint increase profitability?

There are a variety of things you can do to lower your carbon footprint which will result in your company’s image and bank balance looking much more palatable, one of them being buying products from green companies. Recycled paper, green energy, sustainable water and wood are all pretty cheap to buy, plus they work well and are in plentiful supply.

Installing your own renewable energy generator could also help to save money and improve your finances too. Commercial solar power generation from Dulas  is ideal if you want your own cheap, clean supply of electricity all year round, while it doesn’t cost anything like as much as you may fear. See it as an investment, and you will save yourself thousands a year.

Something else you could do is try to be economical in terms of the amount of water your business uses. Using less for washing the dishes, cleaning your office and for drinking are all good steps you can take to reduce your water bill. One company has recently invented a system that uses water used to wash ones hands to flush urinals in men’s lavatories. Ingenuity like this is what companies need to try and take on board to move their companies forward. Green methods of production are useful too, preferring ones that are less energy-intensive and more efficient.


Author Bio: This was written by Jack Cornwall, a theoretical physics student that is fascinated by how innovative scientific discoveries can be used to help the environment as well as help society move forward.