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Practically Green -- Making Going Green Easy, Accessible & Fun!

For the eco-newbie, going green can sometimes seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be!  One of my favorite green websites is Practically Green.   Instead of it making seem like going green is a huge, unattainable undertaking, it helps you figure out small goals you can reasonably achieve while saving the planet.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder and CEO of Practically Green.  She just so happens to live in my city, Newton, Massachusetts.  Over caffeinated beverages, we had a good time talking about Practically Green and the small lifestyle choices a family can make to go green easily.

Practically Green began as Susan's blog, but last year it turned into what it is today.  Once you become a member, you can check off what kinds of green things you do -- from small things like switching to e-bills and recycling glass bottles to larger things like getting rid of your car.  You can even add things to a to-do list in case you come across something you never thought of doing but might want to in the future.  For the different green things you do, you earn badges (think Foursquare) and see what your friends are doing.  There are different leader boards, and you can see where you stand against other members in your neighborhood.  (I found myself strangely competitive about this...I wanted to be the greenest member in my neighborhood!)  

"Practically Green lets you use your friends to make the journey easier, faster, and more fun," explained Susan.  

The badges and the social networking aspect of Practically Green are indeed fun, but one of my favorite parts of Practically Green is actually their blog.   The information is incredibly useful, without being judgmental or unrealistic for families just beginning to go green.  

Become a member of Practically Green, get educated, but most of all...enjoy yourself!