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Protecting your garden during a hurricane

Who lives in Hurricane Irene's projected path?  *raises hand*  Hopefully everyone makes it out safely, but extreme weather can be really tough on a garden.  

prep garden for hurricane

Here are five tips to help prepare your garden for high winds and serious downpours:

1.  Pick what you can!  Bring those tomatoes in and either let them ripen inside or find some green tomato recipes!

2.  Bring container gardens inside.  For big heavy barrels this may not be necessary, but for smaller containers it is best to bring them inside so they don't end up flying down the street.  

3  Stake and tie any newly planted trees.  The young roots may not be secure enough to survive a major storm.

4. Take down your hanging baskets, garden decor, and bird houses/bird feeders and bring them inside.

5.  Make sure your trellises and stakes are firmly secured.  


stay safe everyone!!!

stay safe everyone!!!

Jocelyn is a green lover from Montana who now lives in California where she finally gets her Vitamin D from real sunlight and makes it a habit to track down the best pancakes.

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