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PV Prices Are Down Again

Solar photvoltaic prices continue to drop.

PV Prices Are Down Again

July 20, 2009

In late April I made a post about tracking solar PV price trends.  Prices have continued to erode.  The module index price reported on US Solarbuzz is now at $4.56/Watt.  They report:

“The reductions in recent months are a function of a major structure shift in demand, most notably a less attractive PV policy in force in Spain than prevailed last year.  This severely cut demand in the country and, in turn, caused reverberations around the world, as PV companies seek to re-balance their supply/demand positions.”

More specifically, Spain set a 500 MW cap on their solar subsidy program.  See this link for more detail.  Interesting that a European feed-in tariff can result is solar prices going down.

And here is their latest chart:


Solar photvoltaic prices continue to drop.

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