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RECYCLE IT! Recycling Tip of the Week #2 - Bring it to the Recycling Center

recycling styrofoamHappy Monday, folks!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  

In last week's RECYCLE IT! series, I wrote about how you can recycle bottle caps right along with the bottle!  In this series, I want to make all of our readers the most efficient recyclers they can be.  There are a lot of items where the average person might be unsure whether or not it's recyclable.  Sometimes it's confusing.  We all know the basics - recycle your jars, cans, and newspapers.  Put them in your recycling bin, drag it curbside, and your duty is done.   Right?  Well, not always.

 But, some things are a lot less clear.  Some items are totally recyclable, just not through curbside recycling.   That brings us to...

Recycle It Tip #2: Call your city and go to the recycling center!  

You may have been throwing out those Styrofoam takeout containers and packing peanuts all this time, but you might not have to.   Many cities allow you to drop off Styrofoam at their recycling centers.  Some have designated times, so call and check to see what protocol they have in place.  

Other non-curbside, yet recyclable household items include tires, car batteries, e-waste, mattresses, and more.  If your city doesn't have options for recycling these items, visit Earth911.   You'll be recycling almost everything in no time!