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Recycle Your Toilet: Turn your Toilet into Tiles

toilet recyclingSo, it's time to remodel your bathroom, but what should you do with your old toilet? Over nintey percent of all old potties end up in landfills and will take hundreds of years to decompose.  Not yours - you will recycle your toilet!

Various companies are turning up which offer toilet recyling, such as Ecycleenenvironmental. However, many of these companies require bulk amounts of toilets and it's not quite clear where the porcelain ends up.

So you go one step further - you reincarnate your old toilet into beautiful, stylish tiles for you new bathroom!

 Fireclay Tiles, located in San Jose, California, recently announced tiles made from 70% recycled porcelain from toilets that otherwise would have ended up in the local landfill.  Over the course of the past 15 years Fireclay has been incorporating recycled glass and granite into their top-of-the-line tiles, and their artists have spent years developing a tile made from recycled toilet porcelain. 

Now you've found a way to beautify your powder room while watching your environmental footprint.  Now, where to "go" while your toilet is out of commission...

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