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Recycling Crayons: Recipes for Melting & Reusing Crayons

recycling crayons

If anyone out there has a toddler, that photo of broken crayons probably looks familiar to you.  Right now, my 21 month old doesn't mind coloring with broken crayons, but their lifespans are definitely shortened.  There are many simple recipes for melting and reusing your cryon stubs.

Back when I was a Girl Scout, we used to do a lot of eco-friendly crafts.  One that stuck out in my mind was making candles out of broken crayons.  We used little milk cartons as molds and melted old crayons.  I found a crayon candle recipe here.   It was a fun art project and we all wound up with crayons to take home.

It made me wonder about some other options for reusing crayons.  

You can also use old crayons and turn them into new crayons.  Take muffin tins or candy molds to make unique crayon shapes.  These are fun to have around the house or fun as eco-friendly, homemade gifts.  This is definitely easier than the candle recipe and perhaps more fun for younger kids.  Here's how you do it. 

If you're feeling particularly creative, Crayola's website has a bunch of very cool craft ideas using melted crayons.  I can't wait to try these out when my son gets older!

Another fun idea is to make a sun catcher with them.  All you need are old crayons, a cheese grater, an iron, some wax paper, and construction paper.  This project is really cute and a great way to reuse crayons.  It's also a good way to reuse some used (but clean) wax paper that you may have around the house.  Check out the instructions here.  

Lastly, if you're not a do-it-yourself kinda person, you can donate broken crayons to The National Crayon Recycling Program.