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Reusing Clementine Boxes

One of my favorite wintertime treats are clementines. The sweet satisfaction of eating candy with the nutrition of oranges. YUM!

reusing clementine boxes

Clementines often come in wooden crates. I hate to just throw out a nice wooden seems so wasteful, especially considering how many ways you can upcycle clementine crates!   Make sure to remove any staples from the boxes, especially if your children are going to be using them.
1) Use them to organize things. I keep my teas in a clementine crate in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom for toiletries. You can also use them to organize stuff in your garage or basement, like tools.

2) Use them as planters! Hang on to them until the spring and plant some pretty flowers in them.

3) Turn them upside down and drill more holes into the bottom. It's the perfect way to organize scissors and other craft items.

4) Use them as doll beds for your kids to play with.

5) Make gift baskets. This is an especially great idea over the holidays. Fill them with Christmas cookies, homemade jams, and other yummy treats.

6) Organize your mail with them. We do this in our hallway. One for bills, one for coupons and take-out menus, etc.

7) Put one on the top of your toilet tank to keep extra rolls of toilet paper in.

8) Store remote controls in them.

9) Here's a very cool idea I read about in a blog: Make your own herb garden using clementine boxes and one pint ice cream containers.  I like it because it would give me the excuse to not only eat a lot of clementines, but also numerous containers of ice cream! Yum!

10) Another cute idea which I am dying to try: Popcorn in a Picket Planter  

So, before throwing those clementine boxes away, think of all the uses they have.