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San Jose Solar Installation: Todd R.'s Solar Experience.

San Jose Solar Installation

Todd R. of San Jose, California describes his experience with REC Solar as part of our Go Solar! series.

What went into the decision to install a PV solar system? For Todd, the main factor was financial. He and his wife saw that energy prices were rising in San Jose and wanted to strike preemptively before the rates became unreasonable and while government financial incentives were still flowing. 

How Todd chose a solar installer. Todd began his search for a solar installer on the internet. He contacted 4 installation companies and found REC to be much more professional than the other installers (one guy didn't even show up for the scheduled estimate!!). REC's response to Todd's inquiry was prompt and professional.

The sales person who can to his door was prepared with a full presentation, including calculations of size systems and finances. They were able to help him design the system that would maximize his return on investment, with a system that would pay for itself in 8-10 through energy savings.

REC Solar was also able to help the family save money by financing their project with a SunRun solar lease. Although Todd paid off the lease in full immediately, he saved $2,000 through the lease and received a comprehensive warranty at no cost. What was the installation process like? The installation of the 4.8 kilowatt system was “the most impressive part of the whole thing. The installers were courteous, responsive, and professional.” The process to 3 days in total (although it took another 30 days PG&E to come out and connect the system to grid and put the meter in place).

Todd was particularly impressed with the care REC Solar took in installing panels over their delicate ceramic roof. He was concerned that the crew could accidentally drill through the roof, which would be expensive to repair. The installers took extra care on this portion of the project instead of rushing to move onto the next project.

The result? “A very neat installation. There is nothing loose showing, all the conduits are tucked away nicely and are very professionally routed.”

San Jose Solar Installation

How were the rebates handled? All of the rebates were handled through the SunRun lease.

The energy savings. Todd's PG&E bill has gone from $200 per month to $40, putting the system on track to pay for itself in 8 years. In fact, energy production has been greater than estimated.Kevin’s recommendations for Going Solar. “I couldn't have asked for a better job. I would recommend it [solar installation] to everyone and I would recommend REC, too.”

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