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Scott Toilet Paper Going Tube-Free

Cardboard toilet paper rolls.  It's not something I think about too much.  I guess it's sort of a nuisance when I run out of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom and I need to remember to bring it downstairs to toss it in the recycling bin, but other than that, it's really never crossed my mind.

Then I saw that Scott toilet paper will be introducing a TUBE-FREE toilet paper through their Scott Naturals brand.  Then it dawned on me:  toilet paper tubes are not necessarily...necessary.  At all.  

It will start off as a test run at Walmart and Sam’s Club, and if it does well, Kimberly-Clark may sell the tube-less toilet paper on a national or maybe even an international level.   

Kimberly-Clark estimates that 17 billion toilet paper tubes are produced each year in the U.S. and that the  toilet paper tubes account for 160 million pounds of landfill-bound trash.  YUCK.

Even if you don't like Walmart/Sam's Club, consider paying them a visit just to get this toilet paper.  I'd like to see this succeed and become a new trend in TP.