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Silicon Issue Takes Front Stage at Intersolar Conference

I ran across a great article posted on the Earth2Tech Blog that I believe was noteworthy.  Author Katie Fehrenbacher goes over seven trends that will dominate Intersolar Conference currently being held in San Francisco, California.  The event will include over 15,000 execs from 12,000 solar related businesses.  The seven trends really show some pressing issues but one really took my interest: No. 2, concerning the increase of the price of silicon from a dramatic increase in demand.

Solar Power Conference

I agree with Ms. Fehrenbacher that this will probably be one of, if not the most, dominant issue affecting many solar companies, but I do not think she gave credit to a possible solution.  In this, I point directly to the use of other materials in lieu of silicon for photovalitics.  This issue was the topic of one of my earliest posts, which showed nine other materials than silicon possessing the capacity and cost effectiveness for widespread use.

I hope the issue of substitutes to silicon in the solar process are discussed at the event, hopefully at the Challenges in Crystalline Silicon Manufacturing presentation by PV Group. The sooner this discussion is began with CEOs in the solar industry, the sooner adoption of new materials will occur.



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