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Simple Green Practices Children Can Do at Home


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As we all know, going green is widely promoted today in an effort to save the planet. That is why a lot of people exert notable effort to show their support on this initiative. In different places, such as schools, workplaces, private establishments, public areas and at home, green awareness is a critical issue being discussed. 



But green campaign is not just for adults. Even little children can take part in this campaign. In their own little ways, their small efforts can make a big difference in the environment. All it takes is proper guidance and lots of patience to impart the true meaning of this advocacy. There is no better place to learn green campaign than at home. Thus, it is wise to teach simple green practices right in your own dwelling - which children consider as safe haven.


Turn Off Water While Brushing Teeth


When brushing the teeth, teach your kids to use a glass instead of just letting the faucet water continuously flow. It might sound hard for the little children; but, it is not impossible. To help them realize this goal, it is best to place a glass near the bathroom sink. In this manner, they will find it easy to practice this particular form of green campaign as they will not have to go to the kitchen to get a glass for brushing. 


As much as possible, be a role model. Children usually observe what adults are doing. Hence, when they see you make use of a glass every time you brush your teeth, they will likely imitate you. Eventually, it will become a habit which can lead to reducing water consumption. 


Hit the Light Off When Going to Bed 


Many children are afraid to sleep without lights. That is why most parents tend to keep the lights on even if the children are passed asleep. The most common drawback to this practice is having high electric bill. Encouraging the little ones to sleep without lights can be a big challenge. And so the best thing to do is to take one step at a time. Buy a lampshade with  child friendly designs. Instead of turning on the main light, you can just switch on the lampshade while the kids sleep.


Hitting the light off when the children are on the bed can help you minimize electricity bill. Ultimately, they will get used to it and learn the importance of this initiative. 


Dispose Trash Properly 


Train the children to dispose their garbage properly. It is best to practice this initiative at an early age. Place trash bins in your kitchen and in different sections of the house so it will be easier for them to find one. After eating candies, chocolates and other foodies, it is best to ask your little ones to put the wrappers on the bins. 


Surely, many children will not like the idea specially if they feel lazy. But if you want your kids to learn this simple means of going green, you should have enormous patience. They may not be able to fully understand the logic behind throwing the garbage properly; however, making it a habit might help them. 


Practicing green initiative is for all ages - no age requirement. Whether young or old, there are simple practices every one can do to support the campaign. For those who are residing in green homes, like Lincoln Military Housing, green living is much easier because of added features of the house. So children will never have a hard time practicing any of these tips.

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