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Smart-Grid solutions and sustainable software

A Smart-Grid is defined as an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. It can be referred to at a city level, county, state, or national level, or even throughout a continent. The grid supports electricity generation, electric power transmission and distribution.

Other terms for Smart-Grid are smart electric grid, power grid, intelligent grid, FutureGrid, microgrid, intergrid and intragrid.Original photo from FreeFoto.comOriginal photo from

Smart grids use digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. Software is a critical component to successful Smart-Grid operations. Software standards, security and Open Source/Open Access methodologies have been gaining traction as the solution to Smart-Grid software applications: they are sustainable, cost effective and collaborative.

The Open Source initiative and Free Software methodology are two movements that focus on everyone’s right to use software.

products freely without paying the high costs required by the software companies. They also focus on the principle that the software source code must be available to everyone to modify, enhance, distribute or port to new environments.

Open Source is an architecturally driven approach that is not linked to a particular software company and can be applied at the strategic and enterprise levels as well as in tactical projects.

Using open source software enables the concept of FISDev, a Framework for Integrated Sustainable Development, which helps organizations move towards a software development approach focused on Sustainable Development.

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Two of San Francisco Bay Area Open Source businesses:

Mozilla, in Mountain View, California, is one of the most influential Open Source corporations. Mozilla promotes openness, innovation and opportunities of the Internet, and has several free open source applications. The Mozilla Foundation, a global community and public benefit organization dedicated to improving the Internet experience for people everywhere.

Mozilla’s products are developed by a small employee team and by thousands of contributors and volunteers worldwide who follow Mozilla’s mission of helping to maintain an open and participatory Web.

Mozilla’s award-wining Firefox web browser is the most known example. Firefox enables millions of people in any country to explore the Web through an ever-evolving window. It has many free add-on applications and plug-ins. Check here for more information.

Sun Microsystems, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a leading maker of development tools, Unix-based servers, and computer hardware. Sun Microsystems with its sophisticated products influences the Information Technology industry greatly and also, it is considered a major contributor to Open Source. Many of its products are released under Open Source or Free Software licenses.

Sun Microsystems Open Source products includes, Java - a programming language considered to be the most popular of its kind, Solaris - a Unix-based server operating system, and OpenOffice - an office suit that includes a word processor, spreadsheet application, small database, and other applications.