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Solar Installation Process - What to Expect

Solar Installation Process

If you are exploring solar installation for your home, it is important to gather as much information as possible. The average residential installation does not take more than a few days. Here is a little bit about what to expect from your solar installation project.

1. Receive estimates from contractors and sign an agreement.

2. Complete paperwork to reserve rebates (where appropriate – see what your state offers/requires here). Your contractor should help you with this.

3. Contractor will obtain building permits.

4. Construction:

     - Railings will be put up (usually 1 day)

     - Panels will be put up (usually 2 days)

     - Connection of the inverter box and electric system (usually 2 days)

5. Building Inspection.

6. Utility inspection and connection to the utility power grid.

7. And don't forget! Send in equipment warranties and add your system to your homeowner's insurance policy.

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