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Solar Panel Installation: REC Solar, Inc. Company Profile

When considering installing solar panels on your home, choosing an installer can be a daunting task. There can be hundreds of local and larger installers in your area. One of the growing companies you may want to check out is REC Solar, Inc. REC started out in 1997 in San Luis Obispo, California and has since become one of the largest installers in the nation, serving California, Hawaii, Oregon, New Jersey and Arizona.

While REC is a big company, they have a local feel. There are locations in each of their areas served so that you have a direct relationship with the company instead of just being a number on a page. They work on projects ranging from large scale commercial projects to residential projects and hold your hands a long the way to help you with financing options to make solar a reality for many who thought it was out of reach.

In California alone, they have installed over 17 megawatts of solar. They have gained popularity in that state in part due to their ability to provide solar installation at a relatively low cost through streamlining their process from inventory management, engineering, installation, rebate and interconnection processes, in-house development of components, and their proprietary racking system.

REC is also noted for giving back to the community. Part of it's core value is “lead by example and use honesty, integrity, and open communications in all of our interactions.” In January of this year REC Solar donated a 10-kilowatt roof-mounted solar system to the National Audubon Society’s Blair Center at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida.

The company has also made the news recently for a partnership with California supermarket chain “Fresh & Easy.” REC Solar has been contracted by the grocer to install 410-kilowatts of PV solar panels, reducing CO2 emissions by 22 million pounds over 25 years.

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