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Solar Powered What?!?! 10 strange gizmos from bikinis to soccer balls...

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on all stuff solar – especially solar power for homes/businesses and solar water heating. But there are lots of products out there that don't require a major purchase in order to reduce your CO2 emissions. Some of them are a bit strange, but hey, I'll take it!

1. Solar Powered Bikini – Don't you hate it when your iPod and laptop run out of power at the beach? Dilemma solved. Student Andrew Schnieder designed the solar powered bikini with 1 USB input... just avoid the water.

Strange Solar Bikini

2. Solar Powered Soccer Ball – The black panels on this solar powered ball (produced by Greenix) allow the ball to emit a high pitched squeal when kicked. Thus, allowing the visually impaired to follow the game. Just try not to actually kick the ball, because the panels will probably break.

3. Solar Powered Headstone – If you are worried about what is going to happen to your internet self (e.g., your Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, tweets, etc.) once you pass, worry no more. The E-Tomb was created just for you. Visitors somehow connect with the headstone, which can then dispense your secrets, so that they will never be lost in the internets of yesterday.

4. Solar Powered Cooling Helmut – If you have a sweaty head and love to hike, this gadget is for you. This safari-style hat provides a mini A/C for your head.

Strange Solar Hat

5. Solar Powered Holiday Lights – Okay, finally something I can use. The lights come with a small solar panel stake which you place in your yard. With 8 hours of charging, the lights will work for up to 9 hours straight.

6. Solar Powered Movie Theater – England's Sol Movie Theater is a mobile 2-person movie theater designed to run on 100% solar electricity.

7. Snow Surfing Solar Robot – This large solar box, designed by researchers at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, pulls a passenger in a snow surfboard across large open spaces.

Strange Solar Surf Robot

8. Solar Powered Knight-drawn Chariot - Not sure if you want to walk or drive tonight? Get to from point A to point B in the Solar Powered Walking Chariot designed by Bob Schneeveis.

Strange Solar Knight Chariot

9. Solar Briefcase – While good in theory (we've all run out of power for our laptop at the most inconvenient of times), this toy requires that you keep your computer in direct sunlight in order to charge.

10. Talking Solar-Powered Bible - At the push of a button hear any New or Old Testemant verse.  This small device is attached to a lanyard type keychain which allows you to bring it with you wherever you go.

Solar For

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