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Solar Trash Compactor

Solar Trash Compactor

Are you tired of stuffing down the garbage with your palm?  How about stomping down recycling to fit in that last paper box?  Sick of seeing those overflowing public trash-cans at beaches?  Well Waste Management, a leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, has a solution for you in the solar powered Big Belly Trash Compactor.

The Big Belly Trash Compactor is what many would expect to see from a traditional trash can.  Dark colored and quite nondescript, someplace to shove your recyclables.  Well these 30 to 35 gallon trash cans have a little hidden surprise, a motor inside powered by solar cells on the top of the trash can.  The motor is automatically turned on by an internal sensor and compacts the garbage inside.  The garbage can then hold around 180 gallons of trash in one load instead of the mere 30 to 35 with zero emissions.  Emissions are also reduced trash pick up by 80 percent.  So a trash can that does not overflow, that decreases landfills and causes less fuel to be used for pick-ups.  Quite an impressive feat.

Solar Trash Compactor

Waste Management is the exclusive distributor of the machine, made exclusively from recycled materials,  in North America.  The trash cans are currently in use in Boston and Philadelphia area, but will surely be coming to your area soon.


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