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The Like For Square Feet Campaign at Chipkos!

chipkos shoesStarting tomorrow (Earth Day!) Chipkos, maker of eco-friendly footwear, is starting a campaign called Like for Square feet.  For every new Facebook "LIKE" that they receive, Chipkos will adopt one square foot of the rain forest.   The goal is to adopt 10,000 square feet of the rain forest through Like For Square Feet and if they reach our goal, they'll double their adoption to 20,000 square feet! This campaign will be running until the end of May.  


LIKE Chipkos on Facebook!  

Chipkos is a truly green company.  They practice what they preach and don't greenwash like so many companies these days.  A little info about them:  

  • They make eco-friendly sandals, using materials such as recycled EVA material, jute fibre, and non-toxic water based adhesives.
  • 100 square feet of rainforest are adopted for each pair of sandals purchased!   Read here for more info.  
  • They 100% recycled materials for product tags and they don't use disposable shoe boxes.  Instead of shoe boxes, the sandals come in a reusable jute shoe bag.  
  •  Chipkos also does carbon offsets.  They make an offset donation so your purchase is carbon neutral.  

The best part?  These sandals are totally affordable.  How often do you try to find green footwear that are completely out of a normal person's price range?  (AND they don't seem to be as green as they claim?)