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Stop Junk Mail!

It's time to put an end to junk mail.  Some not-so-fun facts about junk mail:

- It destroys about 100 million trees
- It uses more energy than 3 million cars from the production and disposal
- It largely goes unopened.  Studies have shown that 44% of bulk mail remains unopened
- According to a 2002 survey, only 1.9% of junk mail recipients “really appreciate” them
- Less than 36% of junk mail gets recycled

Now that I've disgusted you with all of those facts about junk mail, what can you do to stop receiving them?

One of the most popular sites in the U.S. to opt out of receiving junk mail is 41 Pounds.    It's not free, however.  The cost for five years is $41.   $15 is donated to the nonprofit organization of your choice.  (many green organizations!) 

For catalogs, try Catalog Choice.  You can opt out of catalogs that are in their database.

To stop receiving those annoying "you're pre-approved!!!" credit card offers (the worst are the ones that disguise themselves as legitimate mail!)  you can call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT. 

In the UK, there's a website called MyLetterBox where you can sign up to stop receiving junk mail.

There are some more tips at

Good luck! Let's cut down on junk mail waste!

(sources for the not-so-fun facts:


Junk Mail Must Go


Junk mail is an obvious target if we want to eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions.  This is a product most people throw out without even reading.  It must be banned and leaders at Copenhagen should consider adding this to their international agreements.

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