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Stoughton, Massachusetts Ikea - Keen & Green

Today I ventured to Ikea.  I'm really not a huge Ikea fan, mostly because the maze-like layout of the store annoys me and stresses me out.  I also don't live super close to this Ikea - it took me a little over a half hour to get there.  However, I do like their kitchen products and kid's stuff.   Today I wanted to do some holiday shopping for my son before Ikea got too hectic for the holidays.    

This was my first time going to the Stoughton, Massachusetts location and I was impressed to see how green it was.

I went specifically to get a wooden train set for my 2 year old.  It's a much less expensive knock-off of the Thomas the Train sets and compatible with Thomas trains, as well.  Most of the toys were wooden or cloth.  The plastic toys they had were mostly BPA-free.  The prices were reasonable, so I stocked up and my holiday shopping for my son is pretty much done! 

While there, I noticed signs mentioning that their Stoughton location has a green roof.  When I got back, I found some awesome pictures of the green roof.  Check them out at   Very cool!  

The Stoughton location is LEED-certified as well.  Check out this PDF explaining the green features of this Ikea location.   The two other LEED-certified Ikea locations are in Draper, Utah and Brooklyn, New York.  

I forgot my shopping bags from home (d'oh!) so I had to buy a reusable one from Ikea.  They don't have single-use bags! 

Inhabitat explored the "greenness" of Ikea in a 2009 blog post.  Read the post for more details.  Some of the comments are critical of Ikea's sustainability, like this one:  "IKEA wants to limit its use of raw materials like wood a…stiff card is sandwiched between thin sheets of wood, called board-on-frame… and solid wood will be phased out.  Let’s think about this for a minute. IKEA are going to phase out real wood, a material that lasts centuries, and replace it with cardboard compound. Whilst this may be recyclable my children aren’t likely to be left it in my will or likely to be buying it from a used furniture dealer in 50 years time. IKEA are the Topshop of the furniture, McFlatpack. Surely it’s better to turn a tree into table form today and use it for a couple of hundred years than produce cardboard and mold it into disposable furniture once per decade."  I tend to agree which is why I haven't bought furniture there.   

While I still don't expect to shop at Ikea regularly and I won't be purchasing Ikea furniture, I am pleased to see how green their Stoughton, MA location is.  Because of this, when I need to stock up on certain items like toys, linens, coffee mugs, etc, I will consider going to Ikea.