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Sunrun Solar Power

We recently got in touch with the good people over at Sunrun and learned a bit more about their company and solar power.  Learn a bit about Sunrun:


Most Americans think home solar power is still too expensive, but the truth is they can now switch to solar without owning the panels and start saving money on their electric bills. An innovative business model called solar power service brings solar to more homeowners than ever before and removes the high upfront costs.

Sunrun invented solar power service in 2007.  It’s a way for American families to switch to solar without spending $30,000 or more to buy panels.  Sunrun owns, insures and maintains the solar panels and installs them on a homeowner's roof. Families pay a low monthly rate for clean energy, fixing their energy costs for 20 years.  Sunrun now has about 20,000 customers across 10 states and installs over $1.5 million in solar every day, completing one rooftop installation every 11 minutes of the business day.

“In 2007 we introduced a way for homeowners to put solar panels on their roofs without having to spend $35,000 to buy and maintain the equipment,” said SunRun President and co-founder Lynn Jurich.  “Families love it because they can lock in low rates for clean energy and start saving money right away.  It’s great to see it finally get to a point where more families know this service is available, and to see them choose it over other options.”

Today solar service is not only preferred by the majority of Californians, but also the popular option in other markets like Massachusetts and Colorado. 

In its home state, Sunrun leads the California home solar market with twice the market share of the next largest provider. The company continues to show homeowners that the true cost of solar is much less than they may have expected, plus they can get the power without owning the system. 

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