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Sustainability frameworks, protocols and guidelines

There are many frameworks and resources to help businesses to design and implement effective sustainability initiatives and to obtain measurable and meaningful results. In fact, there are too many choices.

These programs, guidelines, protocols, registries, and standards for reporting on sustainability and corporate social responsibility criteria include the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), WWF Climate Savers, the Green Business Checklist, California Climate Action Registry, California Air Resource Board, Global Greenhouse Gas Registry, EPA’s Climate Leaders, the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, Walmart’s Sustainable Product Index, Energy Star rating, and others.

Organizations face a major challenge in presenting sustainability information to their customers and differentiating green attributes from competition.Furthermore, organizations that wish to adopt one or more of the frameworks are likely to experience bewilderment when facing the choices.

What to do? Finding out about the sustainability programs the leading companies in your industry implement will help you in selecting either a multiple-criterion program or a single-attribute guideline.

Some companies seek ‘green’ certification. There are hundreds of eco-logos, eco-labels, certificates or seals that are issued by third-party entities. Acquiring a label or a seal typically requires the company to apply for it, where the third-party issuer verifies the reported information, and may approve or certify the business by providing its logo or seal. To read more about eco labels, seals, and certificates, click here.


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