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Sustainable intelligent solutions at IBM

Smarter Buildings: Courtesy of IBMSmarter Buildings: Courtesy of IBM

Many leaders from various industries and geographies indicate that the emerging sustainable economy will be the biggest economic game changer in the next two decades. At West Coast Green conference in San Francisco last week, IBM Corporation announced new Smart Energy-Management and Sustainability Solutions for the enterprise.

The new technological offerings address energy efficiency and sustainable buildings in commercial settings and are part of IBM’s expanding collection of solutions that are designed for creating smarter urban infrastructures.

IBM’s sustainability offerings are based on homegrown solutions that were developed internally to manage the corporation’s environmental responsibility. Then, IBM expanded their learnings, strategies and solutions to alliances as well as customers.

IBM has been focusing on making its existing products, services and processes more efficient and also on developing innovations that drive economic and operational improvements through intelligent systems. The corporation's broader approach of sustainablity addresses the fundamentals of an intelligent urban infrastructure and takes into consideration water, smart grid, transportation, waste, carbon emissions, and buildings.

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