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Take the Lose the Plastic Pledge -- A Guest Blog Post by Lacey Lybecker

Today we have a guest blog post by Lacey Lybecker of A Greener Kitchen.  Lacey previously wrote for us with her excellent blog post 7 Tips for a Greener Kitchen back in February.  This blog post is about the Lose the Plastic Campaign.  Enjoy!!!


Take the Lose the Plastic Pledge

lose the bag campaign
100% organic cotton produce bags replace plastic and help save the earth with 1% of profits going towards your earth charity of choice.

Green grocery shoppers and farmers market goers rejoice! A Greener Kitchen introduces reusable produce bags made with 100% organic cotton now available for purchase online at Eco-friendly and easy to use, these reusable bags are on a mission to eliminate plastic produce bags in the marketplace and give back to the earth.
Shoppers can tuck the produce bags into their reusable grocery bags prior to running errands. At the grocery store or farmers market, they can open the bags to fill with their favorite fruits, vegetables, or dry goods; then cinch close with the built-in elastic loop, an eco-friendly alternative to the wire twist tie or lengthy drawstring. Produce can easily be seen through the lightweight material, a two-ounce voile, as they go through the checkout line.

Available in sets of six, these organic cotton reusable produce bags are made in the USA using upcycled material leftover from the organic cotton aprons also found on the website. The printed fabric is sourced from Harmony Art, one of the USA’s few eco-friendly textile artisans. Organic cotton was chosen for this product, as conventionally grown cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world and with some of the most deadly chemicals.

“Consumers are already taking steps to green their shopping experience – eating organic fruits and vegetables, using reusable grocery bags and shopping locally,” says A Greener Kitchen founder Lacey Lybecker. “We are encouraging the next step of green grocery shopping by asking shoppers to replace plastic produce bags with organic cotton reusable produce bags.”

A Greener Kitchen even encourages its fans to take the “Lose the Plastic Pledge.” Those taking the pledge can vote on one of three charities to receive 1% of all produce bag revenue in 2011 and will be entered to win a $100 A Greener Kitchen gift certificate. The three charities in the running for the campaign are The Organic Center, Organic Consumers Association, and the Sustainable Cotton Project.

To take the Lose the Plastic Pledge and learn more about A Greener Kitchen’s organic cotton reusable produce bags, visit

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