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Taza Chocolate - Green Company Profile

chocolateWith Valentine's Day coming up, what better time to do a company profile on Taza Chocolate, an organic chocolate company?

Why it's Keen:

One reason:  try their chocolate!!!  Its deliciousness will speak for itself.  It's stone ground organic, Direct Trade, pareve, and gluten/dairy/soy-free.  They not only have chocolate bars, but they also have baking chocolate, chocolate covered nuts, and more!

Why it's Green:

Aside from the fact that it's organic, Taza is truly committed to sustainability.   They work hard to make their factory energy efficient, they're big on recycling, they offer carbon-neutral delivery, and for local customers in Boston and surrounding areas they deliver using MetroPedalPower, which are human-powered "trucks."

Visit them!

If you're ever in Massachusetts, you can visit their Somerville factory to get a tour.  They also have free tastings.  Most are in Massachusetts as well, but there are also some upcoming ones in Maryland.  

So, get your honey some sustainable and delicious chocolate for Valentine's Day this year from the deliciously eco-friendly Taza!  Yum!