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Thank You MBTA

Dear MBTA (Mass Bay Transportation Authority for the non-Boston area readers),

Thank you for ruining another commute to work. The other day I spent nearly two hours on the red and green line attempting to go from Dorchester to Somerville, roughly ten miles.

This happens often. In the past three months or so roughly half of my trips on your wonderfully kept trains have been delayed because of broken trains, signal problems and other reasons. Half of my trips which equals 50% of the times I wanted to get somewhere on time using your services I was late to where I wanted to be because of you. Thanks!

I have better odds gambling in Vegas than attempting to make it on time to where I need/want to be via the T.

I don’t understand how you cannot keep the trains functioning. You claim the reason late night train service isn’t available is to maintain the trains. Yet they are constantly breaking down. What are you maintaining while I’m spending forty bucks on a cab ride home at 2a.m.?

If you were a private company you would be out business within a year. No business would be able to successfully operate the way you do.

Another very unsatisfied customer,

Rob Tocchio


The MBTA provides a needed service extremely poorly. Many people in Boston and the surrounding area depend on the trains and busses to get them to and from work and as everyday transportation. If you live in Boston and don’t have a car then either you bike or take the train.

This may not be a very directly environmental or “green” blog entry, but taking mass transit is environmentally friendly. One vehicle moving a large amount of people has a much lower impact than me driving myself in my car. With the trains being so unreliable people may not be as willing to use them, causing more people to drive.

If I could rely on the subway to actually get to work on time I would take it more often. If the train operated on time the way it should I “should” be able to make it to work in less than an hour. Thanks to the Redline and Greenline being so unpredictable I have to plan on a commute ranging from forty-five minutes to an hour and half. That is a huge gap in time. Luckily for myself I work at a relaxed office. How do people work at a more stricter job not get fired? Do you leave two hours before you have to be at work so that you can actually make it to work on time everyday?

Somehow the MBTA is bankrupt, at the point where they may not exist soon. These trains are packed full of people during rush hour, people are taking these trains, and people are paying money to take these trains and buses. Some how the MBTA is losing money. How?  More than once I have thought about this while sitting on the train starring at all the people crammed onto an out of date subway train. All these people including myself have paid to be on this depressing underground cylinder. All these people have paid money to the MBTA. Where is this money going? Not to fixing and maintaining trains because the trains are about s reliable as depending on a Unicorn for transportation.

We need to speak up and demand better service. If the T is going to raise fares then they need to provide better service. People need the T and they know it, but that doesn’t men we have to accept whatever awful service they decide to provide. Te MBTA needs to be help accountable for their actions and service