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Jeanine, Tyler and TristinJeanine, Tyler and Tristin

Tristin and Tyler LOVE books. Big books, small books, superhero books, fairytale books, you name it, they love it! Their first, and now favorite, green/eco book is called THINK GREEN! by Jeanine Behr Getz. Jeanine self-published the book via her company Kids Think Big. In this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! the boys learn that they too can impact the earth, even though they are little guys!

Think Green!Think Green!

Not only are the illustrations in this book amazing, the book also shows kids that even though they can't make huge changes like stop air pollution or global warming - YET - they can take small steps everyday to make a BIG impact!

One of the other things the boys learned in shooting this episode with Jeanine is that you can do anything you set your mind to. Jeanine published the book on her own with with recycled materials. The boys were very impressed!

What are your favorite green books for kids? Do you read adult books focused on green/eco-friendly initiatives?