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Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

 Eco-Friendly Baby ShowerWhat happens when you've been asked to throw a baby shower but you don't want to contribute to all the waste associated with it?  Streamers, paper plates, decorations that just wind up in the dumpster?

Or maybe you're a mommy-to-be, and you want to make sure that whoever is planning your shower does it in the "greenest" way possible.

There is a way to make the baby shower green, and even better, these options are generally even cheaper than your typical baby shower!

1)  Decorate the room with gifts that can be used by the baby, like bibs, onesies, and little toys like rattles.  You can string them up on a clothesline and use them instead of paper decorations or streamers.  Festive, cute, AND eco-friendly!

2)  For the food, go local!  Are blueberries in season where you live right now?  How about a blueberry dessert?

3)  Use replantable flowers for centerpieces.  That way, whoever gets to take the centerpiece home can plant the flowers in their garden.

4)  Instead of a guestbook, have the guests sign onsies or bibs.  (Organic cotton ones!)  Use fabric markers.

5)  With the permission of the baby's mommy, encourage guests to bring hand-me-downs.  It's cheaper for your guests than registering for all eco-friendly items, and it can put things like used baby clothes to good use.  However, for items such as car seats and cribs, make sure some research is done to ensure that they're up to date in terms of safety regulations.

6)  Encourage guests to put gifts in reusable bags or wrap them in baby blankets.  Wrapping gifts in newspaper is another great way to reuse newspaper.  The Sunday funnies can be particularly fun!

7)  Send an Evite!  For grandparents and others who might not be as "wired", opt for invitations made of recycled paper.

8)  Avoid disposable plates, cups, and silverware.

9)  Forgo baby shower games that encourage waste, especially anything where you use disposable diapers.  Diapers don't break down well in a landfill, so it's a bad idea to use up diapers for the sake of a game.  Even the eco-friendly diapers aren't much better in terms of breaking down in a landfull.

10)  Don't give favors that will just create waste.  Candy is always a good option.  I like Endangered Species Chocolate.