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Tips for Being as Eco-Friendly as Possible When Traveling Internationally

Individuals who are intentionally environmentally friendly at home often try to carry their eco-conscious way of living with them when they travel abroad. An eco-friendly style of travel is beneficial to other countries and also makes the person a goodwill ambassador for their home country.

Whether a person travels for business or pleasure, there are plenty of ways to take care of the environment no matter where the individual goes.

It takes seconds to toss trash in the garbage, but the positive impact lasts years.

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Travel Overseas

    • Rent a Hybrid Car.

      The use of hybrid cars, at home and on vacation, prevents gas and oil pollution that affects the environment and our health. Renting a hybrid car while overseas is beneficial to the immediate environment and may also introduce the driver to a new way of taking care of their home environment.
    • Take Public Transportation.

      Some overseas locations offer such excellent public transportation that a rental car isn’t necessary. In addition to public transportation, renting a bike or walking are also effective ways to take care of the environment.


    • Bring Reusable Containers. Active vacationers need water bottles and nutritious snacks to stay hydrated and fortified while on vacation. Instead of using disposable water bottles and pre-packaged snacks, it’s better for the environment to use a reusable water bottle and snack containers that can be washed out and reused as often as needed.


    • Book Green Accommodations.

      Green tourism companies can help individuals find accommodations that meet the green certification criteria of Energy Star, Green Globe International, and other organizations. When staying in a hotel or at a campground that meets these criteria, the individual can feel secure in their efforts to enjoy a green vacation.


    • Pick Up Trash…Not Just Yours.

      One of the easiest ways to care for the earth while on vacation or at home is to throw trash in the garbage. To go the extra mile, vacationers and business travels can spend a few minutes picking up litter wherever they see it and depositing it in a nearby trash can.


    • Leave No Trace Behind.

      No one should ever be able to tell that an individual has walked through a park or visited a nature area. If trash is picked up, trees and plants are cared for, and the environment is treated with respect, there won’t be a physical trace to indicate that someone was there.

Always leave an environment in better condition than it was upon arrival.

Take Good Care of the World

      Taking care of one’s surroundings should be something that happens no matter where a person travels. Whether they’re at home, in their own country, or overseas, making the choice to be kind to the environment directly benefits the individual. But green traveling is more than just a kind gesture; it’s a responsibility we all share so future travelers have the same opportunity to enjoy the beautiful world we inhabit today.

      These tips will get overseas travelers started, and then they can add more depending upon where they travel. Many countries around the world encourage green living and traveling, which makes it easier on the person traveling to follow that lead. Prior to going on vacation or a business trip, the individual can learn more about their specific destination to gain insight into the steps the overseas country is taking to be environmentally friendly.

      When the individual returns home, he or she can continue with newly learned ways of being eco-friendly to benefit their home environment, too.


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