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Top 4 Most Innovative Green Car Advancements

Green automotive technology is the future. With hybrid and electric optimized vehicles, consumers can get more bang for their buck. The biggest boon is that dependency on gas is lowered, and thanks to steadily climbing gas prices, green cars pay for themselves. It makes plenty of sense that consumers are demanding better fuel economy from their vehicles.

Ford EcoBoost

Companies like Toyota, Elon Musk, Chrysler, Honda and others have responded. For example, Ford has produced an EcoBoost engine family and they're being used in various models. Of particular note is the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, amped up with about 310 horsepower. That's not too shabby for a green tech car.

Ford's EcoBoost comes in three different versions: 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and V-6. Each engine type uses a unique turbocharging and direct injection feature to offer power comparable to a more traditional engine. The difference is that EcoBoost engines average about 20 percent more fuel economy and 15 percent lower greenhouse emissions. On top of all that, Ford's new engines are relatively inexpensive and offer a much better cost-to-efficiency ratio than hybrid or diesel-powered vehicles.

Antro Solo

Of course, that's nothing compared to the Antro Solo, a carbon fiber gas and electric hybrid that gets 150 miles per gallon. The gas mileage is so great because it doesn't require the traditional gasoline engine for trips that are less than 25km (about 16 miles).

A major concern with hybrid vehicles is that they will send your power bill sky high. Luckily, the Antro Solo doesn't require that kind of power. It's equipped with solar panels on the roof, as well as pedals under each seat that can power the generator with wind electricity.

Lightening Limited

Want something a little more sporty and powerful than Ford's EcoBoost Mustang? Lighting Limited's first vehicle – rightfully dubbed the Lightening – can generate as much torque as a Dodge Viper SRT. It even has as much gusto as the CorvetteZR1, at 643 horsepower. With a top speed of 130 miles per hour and the ability to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds, the Lightning is nothing to scoff at.

Kia Sandstorm

Then there's the absolutely ridiculous – but just as awesome – Kia Sandstorm. This bad girl is manufactured entirely of PETE recycled plastic. What kind of green tech is it working with? You had to expect hybrid support, but it's got a new twist – a diesel-electric engine working in tandem. It's also outfitted with solar-powered cooling systems.

Don't like the lava orange finish Kia gave it? You can swap out the body panels with alternatives that are a color of your choosing.

Shifting focus back to Ford, you better get ready for some more green tech. Ford is ramping up to manufacture different types of vehicles similar to the ones listed here. That's no surprise since the electric motors market is projected to reach $129 billion globally by 2020.

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