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Top 5 Eco Friendly Homes

There are an ever-increasing number of homes being built with the intention of preserving the world’s natural resources, reducing pollution and preventing global warming. New materials, procedures and equipment are being developed at an alarming rate to ensure this.

More and more eco-friendly systems are appearing in homes all over the world from solar panels to water filtration systems, as an increasing number of new-age engineers, architects and scientists, aim to build an eco-friendly society.

This list of the top 5 environmentally friendly houses has been put together by The Sash Window Workshop who are taking a keen interest in developments throughout the eco-industry.

1.       The Solar-Sector House

 solar house

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An energy tower positioned in the centre of the house is the focal point of the eco system that is the solar–sector house. The house is divided into four different compartments that are linked together by air gaps with operable windows and doors that offer ventilation in the summer and pre-heat the air in the winter. Phase-altering materials let the house quickly pass warm or cold air to where it’s required most. The outer area is covered in solar panels; the fronts of which are covered by gold and bronze photovoltaic cells for aesthetic appeal and work as a conductor.  The house was designed for the Solar Decathlon Europe, a competition that measures the industrialisation, energy balance and sustainability of a house. The Stuttgart University, Applied Sciences Department’s objective was to build a house that is capable of producing more energy than it uses.

 2.       The Aero House

 The Aero House 

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The aero house is controlled by a computer system that is designed to conserve energy and is equipped with multiple sustainable green systems. Solar panels are located on the outer surface of the house to harness energy during the summer and a 3,000 gallon reservoir is located at the side of the house that acts as a filter and turns rainfall into drinking water. 

 3.       The Orchid House

 orchid house

Image by The Dailymail

The distinctive feature of the Orchid house ia an underground geothermal heating pump, this unique system manages to produce more energy than the house actually requires. This may be the reason in 2011 the house was sold for an estimated £7.5million mmaking it the most expensive eco – house in history. The 2,200 square foot house is built on a 450 acre plot in the Cotswolds, England.  Designed by famed London architect, Sarh Featherstone, the house got it’s name as it was designed to resemble a Bee Orchid that grows near the site.

An interesting fact is Brad Pitt has looked at the plans for Orchid House, while Kylie Minogue has stayed at the estate. 

4.         The Dome House


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The Japanese based Dome house is built to protect those in areas of high risk weather conditions proving to be resistant to hurricanes earthquakes. The dome is built form 100 per cent Styrofoam and retains excellent thermal insulation properties, ensuing higher energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. The igloo shaped structure is extremely durable, impervious to fire and does not rust. The house is dubbed the “habitat of the 21st century” and can be erected in a matter of hours; it’s been used for a number of purposes ranging from a steam room to a karaoke bar.  Pricing starts from £25,000. 

 5.      The Komb House


Image by designboom

The Komb house is both artistically designed and has all the attributes of the modern day eco home. A rotating kinetic sculpture is the central point of this innovative eco system and creates bundles of energy for the home. A skylight above allows natural light enter the home and allows rainwater gather in the plunge pool below to be filtered into drinking water for the house. The house is layered with wooden fins set at different angles, hence resembling a comb.

This isn’t your regular everyday komb as its main feature is it filters sunlight into the house. Karim Rashid designed this home with a philosophical concept; the overall interior space is composed of four main spaces representing our main daily activities: eat, play, cleanse and sleep. The house was designed also to represent the forces of nature; wind, water and sunlight.

Who knows, in time to come we may all be living in one of these houses!

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