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Top 5 Tips To Make Your Garden Green

Gardening is a beautiful experience not only for people who love flourishing greenery in their gardens, but also for busy individuals. Well maintaining your gardens green in the off seasons is definitely a difficult task, I am sure you agree with me. A few ideas are given below to help you keep your garden green by spending a few pennies or nothing at all.

1. Get the right place

Before you plant a new sapling or a seed you need to make sure of the right place. The right place means a spot in your garden that receives adequate sunlight, as most of the plants, be it vegetables or fruits need a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily. To confirm the right place in the garden also check the soil and its type before you set your plant.

2. Watering your plants

Check the quantity of water each plant needs and water them accordingly. You can use water dispensers to avoid wastage of water. Water dispensers will provide your plants adequate water time to time. You can also use harvested rain water instead of buying barrels of water to water your plants. If you choose not to use water dispensers make sure you do not over or under water your plants.

3. Use waste vegetables and fruits

Use of kitchen or household waste, of course recyclable waste can serve as the best manure for your garden. Over years the soil of your garden tends to lose its fertility and hence needs fertilizers. You can choose to buy fertilizer from the market for your plant or you can choose to use household waste as fertilizers for your plants. Purchasing fertilizers can be expensive however household waste will cost nothing.

4. Grow seasonal plants

Seasonal plants need fewer efforts to grow as the climatic condition and soil favor growth of your plant leaving your garden look green and beautiful. Before you prepare to plant your garden make sure you study about seasonal plants. You can choose from flowering and non flowering plant. Growing seasonal fruits and vegetables in your garden can add to the benefits of gardening.

5. Love and maintenance

If you love nature you will love your garden and if you love your garden you will make sure you take care of it. Your garden is living as your favorite plants are growing in it. Planting them is not all you need to do, you need to make sure you serve adequate water to your plants, keep looking for pests, fertilize the soil your plants are living in and also make sure they receive adequate sunlight.

Gardening can be interesting only if you see you plants and growing well in your garden. To help your plants grow you need to serve them the just right. Following the few above tips can help you maintain your plants well. By having healthy plants you can enjoy the beautiful and delicious fruits and flowers it bears. So what are you waiting for get started with you garden.


About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing about technology and luxury. 


Some people resort to using

Some people resort to using pesticides and herbicides to care for their garden. Those are chemical products that are not eco-friendly at all. I have learnt a trick to keep away pests. That is, to grind up some ants with water, and sprinkle them around your garden. For some, it seems to help keep some pests away.

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