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Toyota Unveils Plans For Fuel Cell Car

And you thought the American car companies were going to corner the market on fuel cells.  According to the world's largest carmaker, Toyota, they expect to have a fuel cell vehicle on the market by 2015. This new vehicle will produce zero emissions and signal the new generation of cars.

Toyota Fuel Cell Car

Fuel-cell technology is considered a cutting-edge solution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions as it generates electricity by combining a fuel -- usually hydrogen -- with oxygen, and therefore only emits water.

Toyota once dabbled in fuel cell technology, releasing a vehicle in 2002, but opted to pursue hybrids and battery technology.  The reasoning lay in the bottom line; these technologies are much cheaper currently.

This new push by Toyota in the fuel cell market is a strategic move, believeing that producing a zero mission will become important to consumers and the technology will fall in prive due to development.