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Trash Cans Are Fun! We Mean It!

You can pretty much upcycle anything, ya know! Especially when you have kids doing the upcycling!  Ever thought of upcycling a trash can?  Well Tristin and Tyler have and they did it with cool crafters from BROOKLYN CRAFT FARM

Tristin and Tyler with their projects!Tristin and Tyler with their projects!

How can you turn a boring, grey trash can into something fun and useful?  Well, my friends, tune in to the next episode of Tristin and Tyler's tales from the City! with the little ones and find out!  It's fun project, super easy, of all, it can help keep the kids organized!

YES! A craft that can keep the kids organized! A MIRACLE! It doesn't get ANY BETTER than that!!

Enjoy the episode!!

Tristin and Tyler