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Tristin and Tyler Donate Denim! Yup, your kiddies can too!

Editor's Note:  We're pleased to present the first Tristin and Tyler post on Keen for Green.  We're lucky to have them -- and stay tuned for more Tristin and Tyler!  -- Krissy


We are sooooo excited to join the KEEN FOR GREEN family and share fun-filled, super GREEN episodes of our series "Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City!" with you!

We love to meet people all over New York City who are doing their part to help this BIG world of ours stay green and clean! Trying to go GREEN with kiddies isn't easy, so we take adventures around the city to show kids and their caregivers ways they can help the environment too!  We also show people going green in ways that you'd never think possible! So sit back, watch an episode and then go out and do the same activity with your favorite kiddies!

In our first episode we donated our jeans to local organization for recycling! The jeans could be used as insulation for homes and/or be donated to children in need. Donating is so fun you never know where those items you give away may end up! So, check the episode out, share with the kiddies, then go donate something! Why not?