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Tristin, Tyler and Dynamic Ducks!

Since World Oceans Day is coming up on June 8th, Tristin and Tyler take a trip to visit some friends who live in the water in this episode of Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! Caring for the ocean and all of the creatures that call the ocean home is super important.  With the Pacific Garbage Patch growing and growing, it's so important to teach kids about our friends who call the ocean home.

Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!Tristin and Tyler Enjoying The Ducks!

We loooved hanging out with the ducks as they enjoyed the water and frollicked around.


Unfortunately, our happiness soon turned to sadness when we saw the pile of waste washing a shore. "Wow." Tyler said. "Was all that garbage in the water with the ducks?  I had to reply "yes."

Garbage in the Water during our duck trip!Garbage in the Water during our duck trip!

This is a great episode of the series, not only because it gives the ducks some well-deserved attention, but also because the boys play a memory game to quiz viewers on what they remember about the ducks and THEN  they do a cool duck craft.  The craft is fun, and the episode is a great way to show kids why it's important not to litter the sidewalk or our waters! 

So check the episode out with the kids and ENJOY!  Happy World Oceans Day!!