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Turn off the dryer and buy a clothesline!

All of a sudden, a Facebook group called "I don't feel like folding my laundry so I just restart the dryer" has gotten extremely popular.  

At first I chuckled and almost joined, because it is just the type of thing I am lazy enough to do.  But then I gave it a second thought.  What a waste of energy it is!  I'm a big fan of line drying clothes.  In the winter, we have a clothesline in the basement with our washer and dryer.  In the warmer months, it's easy to just dry your clothes outside under the sunlight.  

Aside from being a huge waste of energy, it's also a waste of money.  According to, you can save almost $200 a year by drying your clothes on a drying rack or clothesline.   I think my desire to be green and my cheapness trumps my laziness.  ;-)  

When you think about it, a dryer is really an unnecessary item.  Sure, it's fast and convenient, but how necessary is it really?  When I was little and I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, she never used a dryer.  She always dried her clothes on a clothesline, no matter what the weather was.  It's time to go old school!  

So, turn off your dryer and buy a clothesline (which are dirt cheap!) or a drying rack.  

Hey, and the Tide website has some great tips on drying your clothes outside.