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Turning Waste into Purses!

I thoTurning Waste into Purses!ught this was very cool.  TerraCycle, Capri Sun™, and Honest Kids™ are making purses, tote bags, and pencil cases out of used drink pouches!  The TerraCycle, Capri Sun™ and Honest Kids™ Brigade collects drink pouches from individuals and organizations, and for each drink pouch two cents goes to the charity of your choice.

You can sign up and get collection bags and once the bag reaches 100 pouches you can mail it to them.  Learn more about it here!

I want a Capri Sun purseCool


This is really a great idea

This is really a great idea and this will really allow us to show our concern for the envornment and our planet.recycling is one the best methods to dispose the waste and it is veryeasy also,i had recycled  replica handbags  which i bought last year.

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