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Upcycling Candy Wrappers

Does that picture look like a familiar scene to anybody else?  Trick or treating was awesome, but now we've got all these little pieces of candy...and little wrappers, too.  So wasteful!  It's time to think of some ways to upcycle those wrappers.

- Stuck with a lot of Starbursts and feeling crafty?  Make a bracelet from Starburst wrappers!  

- Make a napkin ring out of candy wrappers.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

- Here's my personal favorite:  using Dum-Dums wrappers to make bracelets.  

- This is WAY beyond my skill level, but here are directions on how to make an awesome purse out of candy wrappers!  

- Martha Stewart has an easy way to make light-switch plate covers using candy wrappers.  Fun for a kitchen, kid's bedroom, or playroom!  

Lastly, if DIY doesn't appeal to you, learn more about TerraCycle's Candy Wrapper Brigade.  You can recycle candy wrappers from Mars®, Wrigley®, and Cadbury®.