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Verizon Wireless’ Entry into Home Energy Management


Verizon Wireless had a coming out party at CES 2011 for their new Home Monitoring and Control service.  One of the applications included in the service will be home energy management.  However, the intent is to offer complete home control and monitoring including lights, locks, webcams, security, home health, and of course thermostats and energy usage.  One of the unique killer apps is the ability to view streaming webcam content from Verizon Wireless LTE-enabled handsets.

Verizon Wireless teamed with 4Home Connected Solutions, a start-up recently acquired by Motorola Mobility, for the service.  The pilot is in New Jersey now, but WAN connectivity is via Verizon Wireless' LTE network.  Whether or not they offer this service everywhere remains to be seen, but since it is based on LTE, offering the service throughout the country is certainly feasible.  The Home Area Network is based on Z-Wave which differs from the ZigBee standard which is endorsed by many electric utilities.