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Washington DC Area Green MBA Programs

I don't have to tell you that the US economy is in trouble.  A new wave of business is necessary to pull us out of this recession, Sustainable Business.  The conceptual framework for Sustainable Business is that business success is measured by environmental, societal, and economic outcomes (or what industry insiders call "The Triple Bottom Line").  I thought it made sense for this new vision for economic recovery to come out of our nation's capitol, and thus I begun a search for green and sustainable MBA programs in the area.  I was surprised to find that there is only one face-to-face in the Washington DC area (Washington, Virginia, and Maryland).  In addition, there are 2 online MBA programs housed in the vicinity.  Here's what I found:

The George Washington University offers an MBA with a Concentration in Environmental Policy and Management.  This program "empowers accomplished managers and professionals to enhance their organizational effectiveness, emphasizing ethics, leadership and globalization." In this program you will explore the complexity and integration of environmental issues and business, government, and non-profit organizations, with a focus on the individual, society, and technology.

Argosy University offers an online MBA with a concentration in "Sustainable Management." Argosy explains that this MBA is for "individuals who seek to be the go-to problem solvers for modern businesses” and promises "real-world insights into the leadership qualities, actions, and solutions that resonate in the workplace.” While the bulk of the work is completed online (think of the paper and gas you'll conserve!), students can choose to attend lectures at the campus in Washington, DC. Coursework includes: Foundations of Sustainable Business; Change Management and the Sustainable Enterprise; Ethical and Economic Dimensions to Sustainable Business and Sustainable Venture Plan Seminar.

South University also offers an online MBA in Sustainability.  As with Argosy, most of the coursework is done remotely, but their is a campus in Richmond, Virginia where students can choose to obtain additional resources.  South University offers a pratical program for mid-career professionals who are looking to add knowledge of sustainable practices to their skill set.  

For more information on a variety of online programs see: Online Green ("Sustainable") MBA Programs.